SEE What Really Caused The Big Trouble Among P’Square

PSquare Brothers Fighting1


More information continue to stream out with regards to the dirty fighting in P’Square house. Peter Okoye who is pictured above is leading the battle for “freedom”. He believes he is not getting his dues in the group and the issue of his elder brother, Jude not respecting his wife, Lola Omotayo, is a serious matter.

Due to their disagreement, it seems Jude has teamed up with his twin brother, Paul Okoye, to undo him and in all ways possible reduce his influence is the P’Square family. In recent times, most of the songs that Psquare have released are from his twin brother, Paul. And songs by Peter are kept in the cooler.

Before their mum died, she was said to have told Peter that if he marries Lola Omotayo there would be issues in the family, and that she saw him in a dream chasing his twin brother, Paul with a Fork to attack him. It’s a serious matter. When I got in touch with a source in P’Square camp he told naijagossipers.Com that the warning was the reason why their elder brother, Jude, is not happy with Lola and in fact, the family does not support her marriage to Peter Okoye.

Now to the real issues that made them exchange physical punches that led to injury:

Although Peter wants out or a major control of the money they are making, the physical fight was as a result of the small money given to Peter’s PA by Jude’s PA to help register his car. The guy didn’t register the car and he also did not refund the money. And they say that was not the first time he would do such.

The two PAs got into a bloody fight at P’Square family house, Squareville, and at a stage Peter intervened and when his twin brother, Paul, saw that he was about to hit Jude’s PA he stepped in and grabbed his hand. This did not go down well with Peter who immediate punch his brother so hard that he fell to the ground.

It was a big embarrassment to Paul as his wife was their when his brother punched him but he didn’t fight back and it was another of their elder brother, identified as Tony, who intervened and slapped Peter.

This got Peter really mad and that was why a lawyer was brought him to share their money and property but at the end of the day, the lawyer was not able to do so as the other brothers are not in support of the move.

For now, Peter and Lola have stayed away from P’Square mansion. What next? Time will tell!

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