Antidote for clumsy sex (II)

Every husband wants to taste the extra packaging that comes along with well-arranged sex. The aroma of a hygienic, dirt-free vagina fluid is one of the erotic sexual power for many husbands. So keep your vagina inviting, captivating, appealing, tempting and enticing always.

Husbands should know that the woman’s surest gateway to a good sex is through 100 per cent carefulness and tenderness. And when you ignore it, you are cutting real first-class sex out of the relationship. And what most wives want in bed is a man who is not clumsy; someone who knows how to control the timing of his ejaculation while love play is on, so that both spouses will get the maximum pleasure from sex. The longer a husband lasts, the deeper his climax, the sweeter the sex for his wife. Wives by nature need time to be fully aroused whereas husbands get aroused almost immediately. Besides, 87 per cent of women do not climax through penetrative sex alone. Most need some form of extra stimuli, massaging and clitoral caresses. All these help to build a woman’s excitement level before thrusting and prevent clumsiness because the average woman needs around 20 to 28 minutes of connection.

One major reason many wives are not active sexually is that their anticipated sexual escapade is frustrated, cut short and curtailed by their husbands’ inability to control their ejaculation timing. If there is anything that is most clumsy for women, it is this singular act. Remarkably, this can easily be achieved; it is so easy to develop complete self-control to the extent that any husband can actually choose when to ejaculate during sex. When you have this level of control, your sexual self-confidence will be so high that you can confidently satisfy your wife in bed any time.

Most wives love the inner part of their vagina to be caressed with their husbands’ fingers. So, for a supercharged experience, experts recommend the fingering of the vagina or sucking of the nipples [about 1 per cent of women can reach orgasm from breast stimulation alone] and the clitoris which can keep your wife moaning with delight. The husband should fondle his wife’s labia for at least five minutes before touching her clitoris.

So while caressing your wife, it must not be done clumsily in a rush. It is advisable for the wife to take a comfortable position with legs wide apart so that her husband will be able to gently play with her genitals. Sometimes just touching a wife’s breast is enough to bring her to orgasm while other women are almost totally unresponsive. Therefore, husband, if your wife seems indifferent to your advances, there’s no point insisting. It is better to try to discover her other erogenous zones. In addition, wives should not feel guilty if they do not enjoy breast play. Remember it is not unusual and things can change.

Breasts should be handled with care for guaranteed pleasure. Majority of wives love having their breasts fondled. However, there is one important rule: be gentle and handle them with care. Only few wives enjoy having their breasts pinched, or manhandled. Many wives experience strong erotic pleasure having their breasts fondled during foreplay but they often complain that their spouses pay them insufficient attention either because they are in a hurry or are clumsy. There are countless ways to enjoy breasts foreplay! Using your fingertips, trace first the outline of her breast and then the areola. Pressing against the nipple and areola with the tip of your tongue often triggers a strong sexual response. Then you can do whatever you like! You can suck on the nipple, lick the breasts sensually or fondle both breasts at the same time. A drip of honey trickled over the breasts in a cool air-conditioned room can spice things up and really whet your appetite. Breasts are a symbol of femininity and wives love their men to admire their breasts. So, a few well-chosen compliments will not do any harm and should help produce the desired effect.

Try to avoid too much fondling during the build-up to her period as breasts can become heavy and painful at this time. Some husbands may fantasise about a “pearl necklace” sex. This involves the stimulation of the penis by the breasts. Most wives are not aware of this or how to carry it out but with a little practice, it can be a highly erotic sexual act. Men’s nipples are generally considered less sensitive than women’s. However, it is still best to caress them gently, with either your finger or tongue and be prepared to stop if your husband does not seem to enjoy it. On the other hand, a man’s chest is much more sensitive than a woman’s, particularly the ridge defining the bottom of the pectoral muscles. Kiss your husband repeatedly in this area, tickle him gently with your tongue, caress him with your fingertips or lightly scratch him. He may be surprised to discover just how sensitive his chest is!

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