Alao-Akala joins Oyo governorship race

A former Oyo State Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala, on Thursday held a rally in Ibadan where he signified his intention to contest for the governorship seat in the state in 2015. His aspiration is subject to picking the governorship ticket from his party, Peoples Democratic Party.

Alao-Akala said if elected back into office, the state would witness good governance, creation of wealth, economic growth and employment for the youths. He also asked for forgiveness from the people of the state if in any way he had offended them while governing the state between 2007 and 2011, saying that such actions were not deliberate.

He said his decision to contest for the top job in the state was arrived at after consultation with the people of the state, elders of the PDP and all stakeholders in the political landscape in the state. He said that in the last few months, he had received people from across the state, urging him to contest the election.

He said, “I must say that these past three years, I have had time to reflect on our performances as I believe many of you have. Did we satisfy the yearning of the masses? As a government, did we provide the much needed succour for the people? Were the masses impressed by our people-oriented policies and programmes?

“It is indeed gratifying to note with a deep sense of modesty that we made positive impact on the lives of the people, as attested to by the greater majority and also the international community. The World Bank and the World Health Organisation as well as Central Bank of Nigeria, and the Federal Ministry of Transportation recognised our contributions by giving our government awards on our performances on local empowerment programmes, agriculture, roads, transportation, education, health and the environment among several others.”

Comparing his tenure with the present administration, Alao-Akala described his style as people oriented, while giving a knock for the government of Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

“The present government is characterised by anti-people policies as evidenced in the wanton destruction of means of livelihood; imposition of higher taxes, capital flight and outright dismissal of public servants on flimsy excuses,” he said

The former governor added that if elected, the 13-point agenda he pursued during his administration would be revived.

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