It is important to build a good relationship with your wedding vendors

You and I know that planning a dream wedding today comes with a lot of apprehensions irrespective of your budget. Many prospective couples often think that the more money they have available to spend, the more likely they are to find the best hands to transform their dreams to reality. Many weddings today have become a commodity with unlimited service providers within the industry to meet the growing needs of marrying couples and the possibilities seem endless too. Every industry has its own peculiarities and the wedding industry today has become a beehive and haven for many individuals looking for opportunities to start their own businesses within the various aspects of this growing industry.

The importance of wedding vendors cannot be underestimated and hiring good wedding vendors is essential to the success of every great wedding. A good understanding and building a good and honest relationship with your vendors should be paramount in the minds of every marrying couple.

Shared responsibility

I cannot stress this enough: planning a dream wedding is the joint responsibility of the couple. In as much as the parents of the bride take up more responsibilities as we often experience in Nigeria, the couple have a great role to play in ensuring that they secure vendors who can understand their heartfelt desires as well as interpret their wedding dreams to make them become reality. Often, parents tend to select vendors based on the relationships they have with them and sometimes costs, while the couple take the back bencher’s position. Your wedding planner, if you hire one, also shares the responsibility of ensuring that you have the right vendors who can work, as well as add creative and exceptional values to your wedding. However, the final decision rests on you to choose your wedding vendors, based on reasons important to you and your spouse.

Good communication:

Communicating with your vendors is vital if you truly want value for money and getting the details to them at the right time before decisions are finally taken is also essential, especially during the wedding season’s peak when vendors are in very high demand. A good relationship with your vendor starts with communication, and once you can build an effective communication channel, you are more than likely to get good, stress free and valuable service delivery wedding.

Sense of appreciation

Wedding vendors are often respectable and creative individuals, who have developed passion in fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of brides, grooms and their families, as a whole. Many vendors were once brides and grooms and they understand the anxiety involved in the build-up to a beautiful wedding. Some would narrate that they got into the industry because of their own experiences and the desire to make things easier for intending couples. So, appreciating your vendors’ wealth of experiences and the values they add is fundamental to the success of the wedding. Learn to trust their opinions and their capabilities and abilities to give you insights that will be valuable to the overall success of your wedding.

Time equals money

Often, couples spend too much time in making important decisions when dealing with wedding vendors and then expect the vendors to wait relentlessly for them, especially when the issues involve money or securing items which had been discussed at previous meetings. This is one area vendors find frustrating, especially if they have gone ahead to secure the items through personal relationships with suppliers. Making important decisions that have to do with money on time is crucial to the success of every wedding and keeping everyone involved waiting, can be detrimental to the programme. On the other hand, it is necessary to create time for your vendors so that you can assist them to fast-track important decisions; time, they say, equals money.

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