New Day Care – for elderly, people with disabilities etc

Any form of disability is not a loss it’s a wakeup call on channeling our efforts towards possibilities of a normal life and other abilities for such individuals. Attacking people with disabilities or forsaking them is the lowest display of power that can be imagined.

People with disabilities, seniors (the elderly) or individuals with any form of psychological disorders, and many more also deserve a chance at a normal life and should be provided with such and Guess What? Such care has been made accessible. NewDayCare is here to help offer such support.

NewDayCare Support Limited is the number one care company in Nigeria, and with our sister company in the UK we can provide the best care for you and your loves ones both home and abroad. The service of our company includes deploying trained professionals to clients’ homes to take care of their personal needs such as,
·       Disability support: deploying trained professionals that work with children or adults with special needs such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, dementia, eating disorders, substance abuse and also people on wheel chairs and many more.
·       Basic physiotherapy: NewDayCare care-givers help clients with physical difficulties resulting from illness, injury, disability or ageing. Clients can include children, seniors (elderly), stroke patients, people with mild mental disorders, etc.
·       Support for seniors (Elderly): Our NewDayCare certified care givers also help the elderly with wheel chair support/transfer, gait belt support, bed bath, assistance in feeding and preparing meals, companionship, administering of medication/injection, grocery shopping etc..
This trained professional also helps with the client’s personal hygiene such as
·       Nail care
·       Dressing and undressing
·       Washing and bathing
They are trained to be good companions which involves
·       Engaging clients in conversations and encouraging seniors to share their thoughts, memories and feelings etc.
·       Helping clients stay as active as possible through outings & activities
·       Being a reasonable hand to steady and help seniors walk safely
·       Preparing meals and cleaning up meal related items
·       Reminding clients to take medications as prescribed by the medical team
·       Keeping medical appointments
·       Keeping family members aware and informed of what is happening
·       Help to communicate to the medical team the effectiveness or otherwise of medications administered
·       Help with reading and keeping up with correspondence
·       Accompanying on holidays, day trips or other short trips
And the most interesting part is that you can get an immediate service as soon as you call to book an appointment, an immediate assessment will be carried out and a care-giver will be deployed.

To know more and enjoy from this fantastic service you can view our new day care website atwww.newdaycare.com.ng or call us on 07046517253 or 08095271779.

Our office is located at: 1 Femi Olatunji Street, Osapa London, Lekki, Lagos.
You can follow us on twitter; @newdaycareng and like us on Face book; New Day Care Nigeria.
Here at NewDayCare we offer more than just professional home care services, we offer you the best.

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