Dear Naija Men, What Kind Of Husband Are You?

Nigerian men just like men all over the world come in different characters. There are the loving, caring and understanding ones who usually say, ‘I can’t imagine beating my wife.’ And there are the not so understanding, considerate ones who say, ‘ladies should be thought a lesson from time to tome.’

According to our culture, a man is the head of the house. Meaning he should be the provider. And quite a number of Nigerian men take that seriously. That is why it is not seen in Nigeria that a man will choose to stay at home with the kids, a stay at home dad as you see in western world, while his wife go out to work and provide for the family. Such acts make the man look weak when he is not.

A Naija husband is expected to be the bread winner and he usually is; except in unforeseen circumstances like when he suddenly loses his job and the financial expenses has to fall on his wife. If that happens a Nigerian man’s pride becomes hurt and that’s when you see a side of him you never knew was there; because a typical Nigerian man don’t want to stress his wife, he wants to provide for her…
It’s not that Nigerian men are not romantic in the real sense of the word but when it comes to things most of the westerners do in the name of love and romance, such as going for funny vacation, a Nigerian man will rather not; instead he would save the money for what he considers more important to his family such as paying for the children’s school fees, making the family comfortable, buying a land and building a family house so they can finally move out of their rented apartment.
In the western world, married men don’t need to struggle to build a house, it is easy to get mortgage. But in our country, the reverse is the case. If a married man don’t hustle and build a house for his family, he may soon be thrown out by a landlord, given the way house rents are increasing everyday.

So because of the way our economy is, the fact that there is no support for people in general and no support for families, everything a family will enjoy the man needs to struggle to make it available. In that situation, if all a wife is interested in is how to go for vacation, she is trying to destroy her husband.

Also, a Nigerian man is not domestic. Don’t expect him to always go to the market and make dinner for the family or do task seen as a task for the wife. In the Nigerian custom, a man is to plan and provide for the upkeep of his family then the wife is to manage what he provides. Domestic activities are tasks for the wife. If your husband make out time to assist at home, after working to make money, just know that he is one of the few exceptional men, love and respect him well. You are lucky, value him.

Above everything else, a Nigerian man likes to know he’s in control. That he’s the man of the house, the head and that he’s given the respect he deserves.

Having said all that, one of the best men you can pick a husband from are the Nigerian men. Many of them are hard-working, our economy has forced them to be and you can be rest assured that if they marry you for the right reasons they’ll do their best to make sure you’re taken care of. They can be very caring once you respect them. They may do only few things at a time but surely you will enjoy them.

Dear ladies, now you know a lot about Nigerian men, you may approve of them or not. But keep in mind a successful marriage takes the effort of two people.

“Love is not just about finding a good partner it’s also about being a good one.”

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