Heart Breaking Photos Of How Africans Are Desperately Trying To Get Into Uk This Summer + Nine Dead Already

Two migrants cling to the roof of a freight truck as it leaves the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone in the early hours of this morning
Clinging to the top of a lorry as it drives off in to Britain today, these two men are part of another wave of migrants who stormed the Channel Tunnel during a fourth night of chaos in Calais. The refugees hid from police on the roof as it passed through the tunnel on a train at up to 100mph and were still on top as the HGV drove on to the M20 at Folkestone at around 60mph this morning.
In France police with batons and tear gas fought a losing battle as hundreds of desperate migrants again overwhelmed them as they tried to get to trains and lorries heading to the UK.


At one point a man dragged a young child over a barbed wire fence with him while nearby a mother and her six-year-old child clutching a teddy bear were seen crawling through a hole in a fence.  David Cameron today promised to send extra sniffer dogs and fencing to Calais as he admitted the migrant crisis in Calais will last all summer.


Sadly nine people have died so far in the process. This is just sad and sickening. If only African leaders will transform Africa and stop embezzling money, won’t Africa be another UK? Why will anyone want to desperately get in to UK when he or she has everything in his or her father’s land? See the photos and captions below to understand what I am saying. It’s just sad and depressing.
Deadly battle: Nine people have now died trying to get to the UK in the past month as they throw themselves at trains and lorries heading through the Channel Tunnel. 
Desperate measures: Yesterday evening a young migrant pulls a young girl over a barbed wire fence before helping her drop to the ground close to the high speed tracks
Increased security: Riot vans attempt to move away migrants last night as French authorities brought
in an extra 120 riot police to bolster their overstretched 250 officers already in Calais
Migrants rush at a police cordon by the perimeter fence of the Eurotunnel site yesterday evening in Calais as it was revealed nine people have died trying to flee
Dozens of migrants yesterday waited for their attempt to bypass the police, who are now standing guard alongside the Eurotunnel terminal near Calais, France
Losing battle: Police in France were again outnumbered as huge groups of migrants broke through their lines to get near the trains and lorries yesterday afternoon

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Updated: July 31, 2015 — 6:58 pm