Anambra Social Media Awards Debuts

Anambra Social Media Award is an annual event organized by Chief Bonaventure Mokwe to encourage, promote and build Anambra Youths Political Consciousness.

NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES FOR Anambra State Social Media Awards!!! :


Dear Friends!
The journey of a thousand miles start with a step!!! Today, we shall kick start an event that will honour our individual efforts in shaping the political landscape of our State. An event, first of its kind, that will make all the minutes, megabits, time and talent we have invested on Social Media towards a better Anambra State a recognized and noble venture. Our Youths and indeed elders have immensely elevated social media to an enviable height through their different forums,pages and groups. It’s time to reward excellence, tenacity, objectivity, Consistency and Sound Reasoning.
Permit me to introduce to you again the Anambra State Social Media Award (ASSMA). First of its kind across the country and in lieu of the role played by social media in shaping debates, campaigns and Propaganda in the last General election. Anambra State is only a microcosm to the macrocosm picture of a robust democratic system where the Peoples will reigns Supreme. The stage is therefore set for reward of excellence in our state.


Chief Mokwe

The Award is ably sponsored by a man of adversity… Yet with a will to survive and a benevolent heart from the grassroot.
The first stage is where we are: NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES FOR THE AWARD!
The award is of five categories: Namely
1. The Best Social Media Defender of the Government of the Day
2. The Best Social Media Critic of the Government of the Day
3. The Most Outstanding Young Social Media Entrant of the Year
4. The Most Inspiring Social Media Personality of the Year.
5. The Best Female Social Media Personality of the Year.
1. The First and Second categories consists of the winners and runners up. The winners shall be awarded a cash sum of 100,000 Naira, A Plaque and an invitation to the D-Day Event. The second and third runners up will receive a plaque, 20,000 naira and 15,000 naira respectively
2. The third and fourth categories consists of the winners and runners up. The winners shall be awarded a cash sum of 50,000 naira, a Plaque and Android Phone while the second and third runners up will receive a plaque,20,000 naira and 15,000 naira respectively. Only the winners will be invited on the D-Day of the Event.
3. The Fifth category will consist of the winner and runners up. The winner shall be awarded 50,000, a plaque and Android Tablet while the runners up will receive a plaque, 20,000 and 15,000 naira respectively.
Dear Friends, the nomination of the winners of these five categories of Award and runners up respectively will run in two phases;
We shall immediately after this put up the Post for the First two categories. The
Nomination will last from Tuesday 25th August -Friday 28th August 2015.
The third, fourth and fifth categories will last from Friday 28th-Tuesday 2nd September 2015.
Note: Nominations for each category will be spread across all recognized social media groups of Igbo extraction and Anambra interest starting from tomorrow. Nominations from verified pseudo Accounts, fake names shall be disqualified by Admins.
One is entitled to only one nomination in only one group. Mention the Name of your choice Candidate only in the comments box under each captioned category posted in your group.
The nominations will give rise to a selection and trim down of the best five most nominated candidates for the Voting proper.

God Bless Anambra State – See more at: http://www.lailasblog.com/2015/08/anambra-social-media-awards-debuts.html#sthash.p0EjfVWi.dpuf

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