Uncovered: Biggest Fraud Involving Jonathan, Diezani, Others

More disclosures have risen with respect to what a small number of individuals cornered Nigeria’s cash:

PREMIUM TIMES has revealed a standout amongst the most false raw petroleum arrangements did by the organization of Goodluck Jonathan, which saw associates of the president pocket billions of naira through a residential raw petroleum transportation get that abused Nigeria’s acquirement and financial regulations.

Our evaluations demonstrate that the agreement, which the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has now conceded were superfluously over the top and improperly recompensed, cost Nigeria N509.3 billion.

The amount of administration the organizations offered to stash that sum stays indistinct even to the state oil organization, insiders say.

The arrangement, later camouflaged as security contract and diverted through the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, saw two organizations having a place with Idahosa Okunbor and Tunde Ayeni, unlawfully pile on billions of naira to purportedly transport raw petroleum from Escravos to Warri refinery, and Bonny Island to Port Harcourt refinery, by boat, subsequent to 2011.

The arrangement included the transportation of five millions barrels of unrefined petroleum, month to month, from penetrating terminals to the refineries utilizing ships, and dodging direct connecting pipelines, at the expense of N3.063.00 ($15.4 USD) per barrel of rough.

The expense of this agreement is a few times higher than it takes to transport raw petroleum through the more productive pipelines which PPMC, an arm of NNPC works. The expense of transporting a barrel of rough through the pipeline is as low as N5.97.

Albeit, recompensing the organizations the occupation to transport unrefined petroleum by boats was an exceptionally lavish option, the organization went ahead, disregarding the way that it expanded the expense of transporting just a small amount of provincially refined raw petroleum by a few billions of naira month to month and was financially baseless.

While the shady contract endured, the NNPC, in the meantime, transported unrefined through a national pipeline that started from Escravos and arrived in Warri Refinery before continuing to Kaduna Refinery.

The Escravos-Warri Refinery arm of the undertaking was considered in 2010, not long after Goodluck Jonathan got to be president. The agreement commenced appropriately in January 2011 and was disclosed to the few who thought about it in those days as a method for bypassing vandalized pipelines to keep Nigeria’s refineries adequately bolstered with raw petroleum.

The agreement was never publicized and no focused offering was done, a reasonable infringement of Nigeria’s acquirement law. Less expensive alternatives were ignored. Two organizations, PPP Fluid Mechanics and Ocean Marine Securities, OMS, were honored the occupation by presidential and pastoral circumspection.

The two organizations at first got N1.1 billion regularly scheduled installment each by NNPC, for a three months trial, records located by PREMIUM TIMES show.

PPP Fluid Mechanics got the agreement offering to transport the rough utilizing Very Large Crude Carriers – super tankers – utilized as a part of transporting unrefined petroleum. OMS got the agreement to give security to the 22.2km (12 nautical miles) venture, notwithstanding every different conduits security game plan that existed at the time.

This bold instance of shamefulness has, till date, been maintained by a tight web of mystery.

“I don’t have points of interest” of the agreement, NNPC representative, Ohi Alegbe, told PREMIUM TIMES over one month in the wake of accepting our request, and weeks after he later declared the partnership was crossing out the agreement.

Paying the plot

This agreement was conceptualized and executed in an established mafioso style.

After the then Petroleum Minister, Deziani Alison-Madueke, in 2010, got the then President Jonathan to affirm the arrangement, the NNPC subtly welcomed offers from worldwide transportation foremen. PPP FM, oversaw by two Israelis at the time, was handpicked for the logistics piece of the occupation. OMS, oversaw by Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni, was welcome to handle the security angle.

There are no records of OMS steadily offering for the agreement. Insiders who identifies with PREMIUM TIMES additionally guarantee OMS never bidded.

They were chosen by a board drove by Mrs. Madueke, which likewise had NNPC Group Managing Director at the time, Austin Oniwon, and eight others, including Yinka Omorogbe, the lawful consultant to the partnership.

The agreement was at first clarified as a three-month trial to dodge pipelines that were accepted to be under genuine danger from aggressors and oil cheats in the Niger Delta. It, in any case, endured till August 2015, just about five years after the fact.

How it got away open investigation for the period it kept going is what is liable to stun numerous Nigerians.

Contract reports demonstrating the agreement should last just three months were issued on December 2, 2010. Transportation started the next month – January 2011 – after PPP FM gave one mother vessel and three littler transport vessels.

Contract reports seen by PREMIUM TIMES demonstrated the every arm of the agreement for the trial period was to cost NNPC N1.1 billion ($5.82 million USD) month to month. This is at the rate of N900 per barrel ($5.2 USD per barrel) split just as in the middle of delivery and security.

In any case, the bargain’s expense immediately soar after the three months trial period.

Soon after the task started, Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni looked to claim the whole venture, and started an unfriendly takeover of PPP FM. After eight months, they finished the takeover and PPP FM’s organizers, the Israelis, were kicked out.It is not clear the amount they were paid to surrender their organization. It is additionally indistinct whether they were only utilized as fronts as a part of the starting.

The way out of the Israelis made ready for one of the bloodiest monetary hemorrhages Nigeria endured amid the Jonathan organization, and was maybe as yet enduring till July 2015 when NNPC canceled it in the wake of getting to be mindful this daily paper was researching the arrangement.

With the Israelis off the beaten path, and trusting the arrangement was currently mystery, the NNPC raised the bargain’s expense to N1,496.10 ($7.52 USD) per barrel for transportation and the same sum for security.

This increment raised the agreement’s expense to N6.7 billion month to month.

In August 2014, the previous petroleum clergyman admitted to an oil and gas group of onlookers in the U.S. that NNPC was spending a normal of $7.52 per barrel to transport unrefined petroleum by regional standards to refineries by boat.

She was quiet on the security costs. Be that as it may, various sources affirmed to PREMIUM TIMES the security expense was the same amount of as the delivery.

In four years, the NNPC shelled out at any rate N303 billion to the two organizations possessed by Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni for the Escravos-Warri arm of the arrangement alone.

Consequently, at the times the cost of unrefined petroleum floated around $50 per barrel, the NNPC paid these organizations around 33% of the expense of every barrel ($15.04) as shipment expense – notwithstanding all other expense of taking care of rough that existed before the agreement.

These totals were paid in spite of the oil organization reporting that it continued pumping unrefined petroleum from Escravos to Warri refinery through the pipeline, simultaneously with the delivery bargain.

As of late, amid the opening of the revamped Port Harcourt Refinery, Mr. Okunbor affirmed to Thisday that his organization did not even ship the aggregate sum anticipated by the agreement. In any case, they got paid even while not dispatching rough.

“Right now, we lift 950,000 barrels to the Warri refinery twice per month,” Mr. Okunbor told Thisday. The anticipated sum was 2.2 million barrels, obviously 300 thousand barrels higher than aggregate genuine shipment conceded by Mr. Okunbor and his accomplices.

While the arrangement was required to supply Warri Refinery with 105.6 million barrels of unrefined, NNPC records demonstrate that the refinery just got 61.2 million barrels, joined. At any rate 50% of what was normal by boat alone was not conveyed.

The Port Harcourt Refinery Deal

Subsequent to running the Escravos-Warri Refinery bargain effectively and covertly for a long time, the NNPC opened the Bonny Island – Port Harcourt refinery course under the same spreads. The Bonny Island – Port Harcourt refinery course was to transport 2.8 million barrels of raw petroleum month to month at the same expense with the same foremen, PPP FM and OMS.

Once more, there were no aggressive biddings before Mr. Ayeni and his accomplices were given the agreement.

With the Bonny – Port Harcourt Refinery course added to the portfolio, Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni were accused of transporting five million barrels of unrefined petroleum to the two refineries, by means of boats, month to month.

At that rate, NNPC was paying both organizations N15.3 billion ($77 million USD) month to month on both fronts.

Like in the Warri refinery’s case, Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni did not convey everything of unrefined expected of the unlawful contract.

“Presently, we lift… give or take 1.6 million barrels twice every month to the Port Harcourt refinery utilizing our VLCC,” Mr. Okunbor told Thisday in July.

Mixed drink of illegalities

These neighborhood unrefined petroleum transportation bargains Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni held until July were laden with misrepresentation, illegalities and abnormalities.

Those acquainted with the arrangement said the NNPC board, in any case, had no organizations endorsing the beginning contract in December 2010 on the grounds that the expense surpassed their endorsement point of confinement of N5 million, permitted by its laws, and $20 million US dollars permitted by Nigeria’s acquisition laws.

The choice to amplify the agreement past three months was the second real stride in a course of false exercises that characterized the agreement.

In 2013, the NNPC endeavored to regularize these illicit raw petroleum transportation contracts. In October that year, it distributed a welcome to delicate offers for the two raw petroleum transportation contracts in major Nigerian dailies.

Days after the fact, pretty much the same number of delivery organizations were putting last touches to their offers, the enterprise pulled back the offer through another daily paper production.

The state oil organization did not give any explanation behind the call’s withdrawal for offers. Be that as it may, beat NNPC sources told PREMIUM TIMES a mandate requesting the withdrawal originated from the administration depicting the task as a “security contract”.

In spite of the main authority clarification for the over the top contract being the drive to keep the refineries adequately supplied with raw petroleum even with ‘coming up short pipelines,’ both the Warri and Port Harcourt refineries got raw petroleum volumes far not exactly the agreement was relied upon to convey.

Between January 2011 and December 2014, the Warri Refinery got rough supplies over two million barrels in six months just, NNPC unrefined conveyance information shows.

In no less than three months of 2014, the Warri Refinery did not get a drop of rough supply. The Warri refinery got a normal of 1.2 million barrels of unrefined petroleum month to month in those four years.

Port Harcourt refinery never got unrefined supply up to everything expected of the unlawful contract while it kept going. Indeed, NNPC information did not demonstrate any critical jump in supply after the transportation contract was started in 2013.

Inside of the period, the Port Harcourt refinery did not get a drop of unrefined petroleum in three months. It got a normal of 536 thousand barrels of unrefined month to month, no less than 2 million barrels not exactly the agreement was relied upon to convey.

The NNPC information of rough got month to month by the refineries, got by PREMIUM TIMES, demonstrated that in the most recent four years, the refineries seldom got raw petroleum near the volumes recompensed for shipment alone from both Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni, not to talk of pipeline sources that nourished the refineries.

Satellite pictures acquired by PREMIUM TIMES demonstrated that in a few occurrences, no security vessels escorted the boats conveyed by PPP FM to transport the rough from creation terminals to refinery wharfs. Yet, NNPC purportedly paid billions of naira for the security escorts.

“A vessels’ percentage included likewise sat tied down seaward the Niger Delta—apparently at a critical expense to the country—for long stretches when NNPC was not sending rough to the refineries by any stretch of the imagination,” a late report by Natural Resources Governance Institute said.

Other than being monetarily unmerited, numerous industry specialists PREMIUM TIMES reached for input for this story were stunned by its subtle elements and repercussions.

“What happened to the unrefined petroleum got by these builders in the months the refineries were down? Why did the refineries not get full volumes of unrefined petroleum lifted by these builders?” numerous inquired.

Take after the cash

Tunde Ayeni, one of the contracting’s proprietors firm in this arrangement is a long-standing associate of previous legislative head of Bayelsa State, Depreiye Alamieyeseigha, and previous President Goodluck Jonathan.

Mr. Jonathan succeeded Mr. Alamieyeseigha as legislative head of oil-rich Bayelsa state after the recent was expelled from office in 2005 after tax evasion embarrassment. Since his discharge from jail, Mr. Alamieyeseigha has stayed dynamic on the political scene.

Mr. Ayeni, a legal counselor, picked up reputation taking after the defilement trial that cut down Mr. Alamieyeseigha as Bayelsa senator. He was specified in court reports as conceding helping Mr. Alamieyeseigha to execute a few arrangements.

Mr. Ayeni was never sentenced and has from that point forward stayed one of Nigeria’s most driven representatives, putting intensely in every single key area of the Nigerian economy – oil and gas, telecoms and force. He’s right now the executive of Skye Bank and was honored Commander of the Order of Niger (CON) – a national acknowledgment – by the Jonathan organization.

In the development to the 2015 general races, Mr. Ayeni led a gathering pledges supper sorted out by Mr. Jonathan’s gathering, the Peoples Democratic Party, and made a stunning gift of N2 billion apparently to support the president’s re-race. He clarified that a large portion of the gift was raised independent from anyone else and an unknown accomplice while the other half was raised without anyone else’s input different mysterious companions.

Mr. Ayeni, whose law office, Legal Resources Alliance, serves as the organization secretary to PPP FM, dismissed PREMIUM TIMES journalists, who went by to demand his remarks for this story, from his 38 Birao Street, Wuse II, Abuja office.

The NNPC additionally declined to remark. Following quite a while of guarantees and reasons to react to the site’s request, the state oil organization attempted to acquire our examination by reporting it was canceling the illicit contracts.

In declaring the cancelation, the partnership conceded the foremen were improperly connected with and the agreement expenses were excessive. It however did not say whether it wanted to recoup monies paid to the builders even while not transporting


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