No cause for alarm

In a time far from now, in a village called Alafia, there lived a family called the Ojos. The head of the family BabaOjo had just passed away; he was a very successful farmer the best in Alafia village and the surrounding environment. BabaOjo had worked hard all his life and his hard work paid off, he had the best fruits, crops and his meat was the best in the land which made people come from all over the world to buy from his farm.

After his sudden death there was nobody left in-charge and to control the farm because BabaOjo never showed any sign of illness and was a very healthy and fit man for someone of his age.He was 72 years old when he died and was still very active in the farm work, at the time he never felt there was a need to mention his successor because he thought he had a couple more years of farming to do and there was no need to rush to name a successor. He once told his sons that he would retire when he was 75 and then mention his replacement.
BabaOjo had 7 wives and they all had children for him, the first sons from each wife worked closely with their father taking on different roles on the farm, they all worked as a team with BabaOjoas the head.
As he never mentioned a successor BabaOjos first son Tunjifrom his first wifeAbikewould naturally take charge of the farm being the first child. So the Ojos decided to have a family meeting in order to agreewith the idea of Tunji becoming the farm manager and they all sat down and agreed with each other and thought it a good idea. BabaOjo had left a loving family behind, where there was love among each other even amongst the different wives and their children; they were a united family and only saw themselves as the Ojos.
After the 40 days of mourning had passed the 7 first sons decided to go to the farm to take record of what they had on the farm, it was a big farm and it had everything a big farm would have such as fish, cows, chickens, goats, vegetables, crops, fruits everything you can imagine and they were the very best. When they had finished counting everything they were happy to see what their father had left behind and then their minds were at rest.
That night in the Ojo house they held a small family party to celebrate the news of the stock taking on the farm. A lot of the family members were worried about their survival and means of livelihood after thesudden death of BabaOjo but they were all happy because the Ojo household knew they could continue living the good life which they had grown to love, BabaOjoworked hard so his family would never lack and suffer.
The next day the boys went to the farm to work, some of them found it difficult to concentrate on work because they had stayed home for 40 days doing nothing, something they were not used too. Their father was a very hard working man he made his boys work on the farm right from age 6 everyday with little breaks because BabaOjo believed that an idle man is a lost mind. Tunji resumed work as manager of the farm and handed out orders to his brothers sharing responsibilities like their dad would have done but unlike their father he did not join his brothers in the farm work but decided to just supervise. The other brothers did not appreciate the fact that Tunji decided to change the routine,so later that night the remaining 6 brothers complained to their different wives and mothers about Tunjis behaviour, upset about how he kept bossing them around like he was their father.
Some weeks had passed by and it was time for their quarterly harvest where they would sell produce from the farm which was in season, people would come from all parts of the land to buy from the farm. This was the first time the brothers had been in charge of sales and were all surprised at the amount of money that was being generated from the farm; they had never come into contact with such a huge amount of money in their life.So that night when they got home the other 6 brothers made a decisionto share the money they had made from the farm equally instead of giving Tunji full control of the cash to take care of business and family as their fatherBaba ojohad done when he was alive. So reluctantly Tunji agreed to their request even though he thought it was a bad idea he had no choice as his other brothers and the rest of the family member’sseemed to have ganged up against him. He had no choice but to agree with their proposal in order to make peace and keep unity in the Ojo house, so he agreed to share the profit from the farm sales into 7 places and everyone was happy again.
As the months went by the Ojo brothers stopped going to the farm to work because of their new found wealth, they thought they were too rich to be farmers and decided to employ people to work on the farm while they all supervised like Tunji had been doing. Eventually they all decided to leave the supervision of the farm to their workers and they only went to the farm during the quarterly harvest.
Now among the 7 brothers there was one called Tobi he was the first son from the last wife of BabaOjo, hecontinued to go to the farm to work with his children every day and also to supervise all the workers which his brothers had hired. He still believed in the old ways in which his father had raised him and saw the farm as a legacy which his children wouldinherit someday.He didn’t mind that he and his brothers still shared the profit from the farm sales equally even though he was the only one handling the maintenance and the only one going to the farm, he didn’t mind.  His other brothers didn’t care and were happy with the income they were receiving from the farm sales; they still had a lot of stock on the farm.

After some months had gone by Tobis wife (Moji) was unhappy because they were not as rich as his other brothers this was because of the money Tobi had been using for the farm maintenance which he saw as an investment in his family’s future. Also the other brother’s children didn’t go to the farm to work like her children and this made her unhappy. Shecould not take any more of the insults and intimidation she had received from the other family members who were richer than they were. Soshe made plans with Tobis mum to convinceTobi to stop using his share of the money to maintain the farm because of their financial condition and the obvious intimidations, so both of them Moji and MamaTobiconvincedTobito also hire someone to handle his work and stop using his share of the profit for maintenance of the farm. The farm was now left to take care of its self while being tended to by strangers.

Months passed and the brothers would only visit the farm when it was time to make sales they also went to the farm to take food stuff when there was nothing left at home to eat and the years went by and they continued the same way. One day they got to the farm and realised there were no more chickens, so they looked at the cows and saw they still had enough so they were happy and went home. Another day they went to the farm andrealised there were only 7 cows leftthey looked around and saw they had a lot of fish so they decided to take one cow each and continue selling fish. Time had passed and the unity and love in the Ojo household began to fade, they now had 7 pots and they cooked and ate separatelyin their rooms each brother providing for his own immediate family. They each slaughtered their cows and cooked it keeping the meat in their different rooms, days had gone by and the meat began to spoilthey ate for days and could not preserve what was left, the smell of rot lingered in their rooms. So in the middle of the night one after the other they sneaked out of their rooms to dispose of the spoilt meat this brother hiding from the other brother.Time goes by again this time their wealth had reduced because the farm was not making money as before, their children were hungry, the wives were fighting, the mothers stopped talking to one another and everyone was unhappy.
The mothers andwives of the 7 sons blamed the guys for their poor condition and told them when their father,BabaOjo was alive they would never have encountered such problems. So the next day all 7 brothers go to the farm to see if they could get some food for their familybut when they got there they realisedthat there was nothing left.The farm was empty they had sold and ate everything on the farm and their workers were nowhere to be found. Their eyes were now open and they realised how they had failed their father and run his farm business and legacy to the ground.The boys quickly settled all their misunderstanding and agreed never to allow money come between thefamilies again.
They all had some money left from the profits they had made from the farm over the years, money they had savedfor the rainy days. They decided to invest the money on the farm in other to build the business and restore the farm to its past glory. As they finished reconciling and planning, one of the Ojos major customerfrom the neighbouring village arrives at the farm to purchase products but realised the farm was empty.The customer then decides to offer the brothers a huge amount of money to rent the farm land in other for him to sow his seeds and cultivate his crops, promising they could keep whatever was left on the farm after harvest season when rent was due.
NowBabaOjos farm was the most fertile in the land his farm was known to produce the best crops and fruits during harvest season the land returned anything that was put into the ground. The brothers deliberated amongst themselves and it felt like a good deal their farm would be restored to its former and they also get paid for doing nothing.
The Ojo brothersthen use part of the rent moneyto buy foodfrom their new tenantwho also has a farm,they bought crops, fruits and meat and they left the farm very happy.
Later that day whenthey arrived home they had a family meeting to discuss recent developments and misunderstandings and the whole family resolved their issues with one another and they were united once again, they had solved all their problems. They were back to being the loving family  BabaOjo had left behind, were there was love among each other even amongst the different mothers, wives and their children; they were a united family and only saw themselves as the Ojos.
That night they had a small family party to celebrate their new found wealth the rent money and they cooked and ate from the same pot and everyone was happy while strangers worked on their farm.
The end

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